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Develop your skills to take up new challenges.

Give yourself the essential skills to succeed in a digital economy. Through an original course offering, Talent Attitude helps you enhance the know-how of your teams to unlock their potential.

Hot topics

serving your digital development

Top performing companies will be the ones that will invest in their people in the fields of HR, marketing & Sales in order to deliver higher added value to their clients.

Our training course addresses companies’ new skills needs in an increasingly digital economy.

Tailor-made training course

A mix approach involving hard skills & soft-skills

A pedagogical method enabling collaborators to grasp digital challenges

A support for different roles & functions

Your needs first: “one-off” session or in-depth coverage

Dynamic & interactive training sessions

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to strengthen your soft skills, hard skills & interpersonal skills

Talent attitude designed several original training courses which focus on developing your collaborators’ skill set. They are particularly intended for Management teams, but also Sales teams, Customer support teams, recruitment, HR management & marketing professionals.

Training 01
Audience hr, marketing, sales
Duration 4 heures

In a digital economy, what should a HR Director 3.0 look like ?

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Training 02
Audience hr, marketing, sales
Duration 4 heures

Impacts of digital transformation challenges on our HR strategy

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Training 03
Audience hr, marketing
Duration 4 heures

HR marketing rebuilt by the digital transformation

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Training 04
Audience marketing, sales
Duration 2 heures

How to deal with complex clients ?

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Training 05
Audience hr, marketing, sales
Duration 2 heures

Lead a recruitment interview

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Training 06
Audience hr, marketing, sales
Duration 2 heures

How to efficiently delegate ?

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Training 07
Audience hr
Duration 4 heures

Talent Acquisition : source like a pro !

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A unique methodology

to tackle the digital economy with easy concepts

As an accredited training center, Talent Attitude is offering a comprehensive approach in line with your goals & ambitions.

travail de groupe
We analyze & identify your needs

Each training course is preceded by a careful review of your needs in order to consider the most appropriate training format for your collaborators.

exemple de cohésion
Involve participants

We offer dynamic & interactive training courses, exposing your collaborators to new challenges.

personne en train d'écrire
Skills acquisition assessment

After each training session, a personal assessment enables participants to gauge their own progress.

Tailor-made trainings

to make the most of a program that fits your ambitions

Talent Attitude designs tailor-made training courses in order to match your specific needs.

The defined program will be directly aligned with your strategy. Our training courses will then be delivered in the specified departments according to predefined standards.

Skills development

at the heart of a global guidance

Talent Attitude course offering falls within a global approach of guidance of your organizational & business transformation. Coaching & Executive search services come as a supplement to form a holistic vision.

We work on the human factor in order to initiate change, develop hard skills & soft skills to ultimately open up new business possibilities.