The company

Through a range of complementary services and holistic vision, Talent Attitude helps you develop and acquire the hard skills and soft skills that will help you build a comfortable future, with coherence and sustainability.

Our objectives

invest in people to grasp the future more clearly

In an increasingly digital environment, a company should volunteer to see and grasp new perspectives. This implies a wake-up call regarding new challenges throughout the organization. Talent Attitude works together with managers and their teams to help them consider upcoming digital issues, and by getting them ready to face new challenges.

Contemplate new perspectives

We encourage you to consider upcoming business challenges according to new outlook.

Learn to think digital

To become successful in a digital economy requires to understand its codes and its tools. To this extent, we help you acquire and make your digital abilities grow.

Build your future relying on the right skill set

We support you in the acquisition of the most appropriate business skills to orchestrate your digital transformation strategy.

Our Values

Human relation at the center of a qualitative approach

In this emerging digital economy, people remain the key elements of every business success. We place trust & strong stakeholder engagement at the heart of our approach.


Talent Attitude is dedicated to your success. The only purpose of our actions is to get tangible results that meet your expectations. For this particular reason, we only accept a limit number of missions to guarantee an optimal commitment.


The prerequisite for business success is to invest in people, together with quality and trust relationships. In this respect, all our actions are guided by the respect of each individual to enable optimal collaboration.


We work alongside our clients and provide on-demand progress report. Talent Attitude falls within an approach of transparency and involvement, with strong stakeholder engagement.

Think outside the box

Today changing environment implies considering new solutions and dynamic approaches. To this extent, we must be able to create value differently, with an open mind.


We develop professional solutions based on our expertise. Quality requirement is our first concern. We always make sure to offer efficient and tailor-made solutions.


We have a clear understanding of our added-value but also our limits. We develop responsible approaches based on true reciprocity between different stakeholders. We commit ourselves to be outspoken and honest in every circumstance. We will not hesitate to say “no” whenever we think it is necessary.


human & digital expert

Claude Rodisio holding a smartphone

15 years of experience with strong focus on talent acquisition

training and coaching in the service of Luxembourgish companies’ digital ambitions

Claude Rodisio has gained valuable expertise in the fields of HR management & talent acquisition for the past 15 years. He worked alternately for top-ranked recruitment agencies, HR event organizer, job-board but also digital companies undergoing changes. He soon realized the necessity for an HR service provider to partner with its stakeholders through a holistic approach, considering the human factor as the keystone of every business success.

Claude’s academic background at a glance:

Master in Management, SKEMA Business School

Advanced Master in Marketing and E-Business, SKEMA Business School

Master of Advanced Study in HR, University of Nancy II

Master in Executive Coaching, ICN Business School

Several certifications in sourcing & digital marketing

PNL & Enneagram certified practitioner

"Membre Associé" SFCoach & EMCC member (Luxembourg)